2016.6.08 Windsor House – New Facelift New Look !

SASSOU JAPAN @Windsor House – New Facelift New Look !

We miss you all! To celebrate of our new look,
we hope to share our joy with you with our Special Summer Promotion.

(1) Studies shown, women tend to neglect to take care of eye areas during their daily skincare regime, we have a suggestion for you – HKD$100 to redeem a Watery Hydra Renewal Eye-Facial Mask 30ml
(original price $490) with any purchase of Sassou Japan’s products upto HKD$1,000 at our shops

(2) Hydra Pure DuoSet Promotion – Buy a duo set of
Watery Hydra Skin Rejuvenator 150ml Watery Hydra Nourishing Essence 30ml
at HKD$880 (original set price: HKD$1,280)