Hydra Pure Cera+ Aqua Cream


SASSOU JAPAN’s unique formula
3 different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids + 3 types of ceramides + Japanese deep ocean water
24-hour skin hydration and repair!

SASSOU JAPAN’s unique formula induces synergistic effects between each ingredient for optimal efficacy, beating 3 causes of skin dehydration (surface hydration, deep hydration and 9 external stimuli), provides 24-hour long lasting skin moisturizing and hydration!

This superb light-weight gel cream packed with 3 different molecular sizes of hyaluronic acids which locks in moisture at different levels. 3 types of ceramides helps resupply ceramide and strengthens skin protective barrier.

The moisturizing ingredients are encapsulated and would be released fresh by gentle massage.

♦ All Skin Type. Especially suitable for sensitive and combination skin.

*This gel cream does not contain Parabens or synthetic fragrance

After facial cleansing, apply a moderate amount onto the face and neck and massage for 5 seconds to release the aqua droplets.

3 types of Ceramide / 3 types of hyaluronic acids / Japanese deep sea water / 8 types of fruit essences / 5 types of Japanese plant extracts / Vitamin C