Contour+ Serum Marble Puff


It helps contouring by effectively enhance draining of toxins

This patented formula enables cleansing, moisturising and shaping in one go. Rich in wheat germ oil and rosemary oil, this product bolsters body- and face-shaping effects, and can be entrusted to cleanse the body and face while improving contours.

♦ All Skin Type

Step  1: Firstly wash face or body.
Step 2: Keeping skin dampened on face or body
Step 3: Keep hands dry while massaging Essential Marble Puff on dampened face or body, especially on lymphatic drainage points or affected areas.
Step 4: Without causing Essential Marble Puff too wet, store away in dry and cool place
Step 5: Rinse with warm water thoroughly Face:

• Avoid direct contact with the eyes and injured skin.

Bamboo Charcoal Extract / Wheat Germ Oil / Rosemary Oil / Platinum / Japanese Pearl Extract / Coffee Bean Extract / Lavender Oil