Gold Silky Salt Complex


Gold leaf and sea salt 
your detox and fluid retention remedy

Comprising gold leaf and fine sea salt extracted from the Setouchi Sea in Japan, the Gold Silky Salt Complex can effectively brightens skin by removing dead skin cells and promoting detoxification. It is especially effective for skin roughness. It is suitable to use on face and body.

♦ All Skin Types, Especially Sensitive And Dry Skin.

Facial care :
Apply moderate amount on slightly damp face and neck once to twice weekly, depending on the needs of your skin. Massage in circular movements, avoiding areas of the eyes, and wash with warm water.

Body care :
Massage on damp body during shower when needed. It is especially recommended to use before suntanning to ensure smooth tanning result.

• Avoid direct contact with the eyes or injured skin.

Pure Gold / Japan sea salt / Honey / Mulberry Extract / Algae Extract/ shell membrane