Hydra Pure Skin Cleansing Gel


Okinawa mud perfectly cleanse and combat sebum

Containing the deep cleansing ingredient Okinawa mud which adhere to impurities and excessive sebum effectively to result in bright, soft and supple skin. Coupled with gentle moisturizing ingredients (collagen, hyaluronic acids and ceramides), this gentle formulated cleansing gel offers a pampering facial cleansing experience.

Exclusion of toxins and additives, this product is free of oil, alcohol, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid, mineral oil, silicon, UV absorbers, artificial fragrance and colouring agents.

♦ All Skin Type

Use every day and night. Firstly apply moderate amount on dry hands and face, gently massage thoroughly for 30 seconds in circular motion, then rinse with warm water. It helps to remove non-waterproof make-up.

Okinawa Mud /  Ceramide /  Plant Extracts /  Hydrolyzed Collagen /  Hyaluronic Acid