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SASSOU is committed to provide the best service quality to our consumers, we adopt a “10 days goods exchange policy” if and/or when mistakes of delivery or designated product is proven to be problematic. SASSOU inspects each product before being dispatched to ensure of the product quality, hence customers who order via our website could be assured of its quality. If there is any in doubt, please contact us at [email protected] with the following details :

- Member no or Phone no 

- Issues of the designated product

- Receipt no

Goods Exchange Policy

. SASSOU “10 days goods exchange policy” is only applicable if the product is ordered via
     our website.The 10 day period is counted 10 days from the day upon good arrival – as per
     indicated and confirmed by courier and/on postage service record.

. Discrepancy in the product received and ordered.

. Before opening, product has been shown to be damaged or broken.

-  Products/ Goods should be remained in original packing or intact packaging in order to be
    qualified for exchange.

. If in cases customers may suspect specific product of its quality, SASSOU’s testing lab would
     conduct testing and verification on the product. If it’s found to be genuine, we would be accepting the
     product exchange request.

. If the product is found to be in question, please kindly contact us at [email protected]

- Once goods are dispatched, no refund policy is in place

. If goods exchange is arranged, it would be only conducted one time only

. Customers are to be responsible to pay for the shipping cost of goods exchange if the exchange
     policy is confirmed by both sides.

* SASSOU reserves all the rights on the final decision of goods exchange policy and/or
   relevant matters.

In Cases, Goods Exchange Request is not accepted :

. If customers suspect allergy reaction of a product, we advise to discontinue usage.
     SASSOU does not hold any liability to damages or cost associated with such

. Free complimentary gifts, accessories and/or trial samples

*  SASSOU reserves the rights to make final decision on any dispute.